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So today on the bus there was this little boy, he was talking to his mom about how he had a crush on someone in his class. His mom asked him “Oh, what’s her name, honey” and he said “no”. All she said was “Oh, is it a boy then?” with a smile on her face, and then asked what his name was. Then the boy told her to guess and so the conversation went on.
This is how a parent should react, all respect to this woman.

(Source: gay-elves-and-hungry-vulcans)

Man the shit I’d do to hug you, or just get a phone call. Big grim, you’re family on everything you are. Shit is rough so I promise to God, shit ain’t always gonna be like this I swear 💯💯💯 everything will be cool and normal again someday, they can’t keep you in there for ever. I’ll make sure they don’t fr. I know people have shown their true colors but that don’t mean shit, you know I’ll always be on your side reaping FBG til the day I die. Love you man, stay strong 💯❤

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